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Perform A Track iOS apps open an innovative way to learn and enjoy playing music. From beginners to experts musicians, each app feature is made to help you play music, at home or on stage.

Multitrack playback

Our exclusive multitrack music file format, called iKlax, allows to mute, solo or remix any stem track of each song.
That way you can isolate you instrument part, to learn it, or mute your instrument track, to play with a virtal band.


Record and share a video

The Record feature allows you record a video of you, playing your instrument on a song. Show how good you are and share it to your friend, through ou Youtube channel.

Over 1000 interactive tracks available

The app offers an exclusive interactive music store, where you can directly buy the tracks you want in app.
Special packs also offer you to buy a set of tracks for discounted prices.

Every week, we offer you a selection of free tracks !!


Video tutorials, lyrics, tabs and more

Perform A Track is the world first app which offer you to search how to play a song, for your instrument, in the best Youtube videos.
Each track also comes with lyrics and tabs (for guitarists).

Use it for your gigs

The Gig section is an exclusive feature which allows you to create a full concert set, with all the tracks you may play.
The D-day, you'll just have to press on "Play" and your tracks will play, one ofter the other, automatically, while you are playing or singing along with them.

Discover the pleasure of a gig in a bar, with high quality playbacks.



Each month, you'll be invited to participate, FOR FREE, to a world video contest.
1/ Play along with a featured song, record a video of you playing with your favorite instrument and publish it on our Youtube channel.
The more your videos is viewed and shared, the highest you climb in the contest.
Get a chance to in great things every month !

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About us

Multitrack music file format and interactive music software were born in Biarritz, South of France in 2007, in a company called iKlax.
The meeting of Digitrax Entertainement team with iKlax Media in 2012 resulted in a brand new use idea called Perform A Track : using high quality audio multitrack baking tracks in an app, with features for musicians, from beginners to performers.
The unique iKlax multitrack music file format technology mixed with the wide Digitrax Entertainement catalog offer you one of the most innovative music app.
Perform A Track is also working with the greatest instrument manufacturers and technology makers, to enhance it offer.

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